what we do

Our recycling system can increase your revenue from copper bearing waste streams

The core of our operations is our copper refining & plastic recovery process, it is highly efficient and in house, we buy from selected producers, and produce extremely high quality end products from them.

If you would like to sell your cable and non-ferrous to us and benefit from increased revenue as well as ensuring the lowest carbon and most efficient solution to return the waste to clean separated materials for re-use.

Our industrial supplies division supplies high quality engineering consumables, welding equipment and PPE to our core customers. We have extensive experience in supplying industrial supplies, tools and consumables and we pride ourselves in supply high quality products from trusted sources quickly.

UKMR also manufactures high quality face visors here in the UK - we have developed two versions one re-useable and one foam headbanded single use type. These are being supplied to the NHS, care organisations, emergency sevices & large retailers including Lloyds pharmacy. If you would like us to supply you please get in touch. 

In addition to our commercial operations we have an active R&D department - during the start of the COVID 19 crisis we assigned ourselves to produce ventilators working with the MHRA & UK Government to provide designs and prototypes with a view to emergency production.

We are responsible & ethically minded

The core of our business is operated to recover the materials in the most efficient and low carbon way, our processes are all in house and designed to require the minimum of energy and steps to recover the material.

As we carry out the process in house the journey from waste material to useable end product is very short both in time and in terms of steps. Making the process as green and efficient as possible.

Talk to us if you would like to benefit from:

* free collection

* no minimum or maximum volume

* higher prices paid directly to you within 2 hours

We are registered upper tier waste carriers and are registered with the environment agency

UK Metal Refining LLP Registered in England and Wales OC425262

T9 Exempt No. WEX153518

VAT registration 311656034

Registered upper tier waste broker number CBDU268673

we can increase your revenue